Defense policy bill set to become law, clear way for Guam projects, H2B access and lab construction

A sweeping defense policy bill will now become law following the U.S. Senate's move Friday to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the measure, two days after the U.S. House of Representatives took the same action.

The $741 billion National Defense Authorization Act includes a provision allowing H-2B access for Guam civilian construction projects on Guam, as well as funding for the construction of a public health laboratory. The bill authorizes $662 million spending for defense projects on Guam.

The Senate voted 81-13 in favor of veto override, while the House voted 322-87. As a result. Trump vetoed the measure on Dec. 23 after lawmakers refused to include his request to add a provision repealing an internet liability law known as Section 230 that protects social media companies.

For Guam, the enactment of the defense bill means clearing the way for the planned defense projects related to the military buildup.