Defense of Guam is 'the main thing,' according to security experts

Missile defense experts say the island needs 'heavy protection' with mature technologies

The defense of Guam must be the focus of the Biden administration’s programs designed to thwart China’s threats in the Indo-Pacific region, according to missile defense experts.

Guam needs “heavy protection” with “mature technologies” to confront China’s new hypersonic and updated cruise missiles, defense experts said during an online forum held Oct. 6 by the Heritage Foundation.

“Make the main thing the main thing,” said Thomas Karako, director of the missile defense project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“Why Guam? Well, it’s because, for various reasons, we have made Guam kind of the centerpiece of our power projection in the region,” Karako said.

Dubbed the "the tip of the spear," Guam provides major support for Navy submarines operating in the Pacific, hosts an airbase capable of sustaining Air Force strategic bombers, and a Coast Guard headquarters that operates several cutters. The Air Force also has been carrying out rotational deployments of bombers.