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Credit where credit is due

Yes & Know By Alime Yamashita

As my life becomes longer, my patience becomes shorter. The past several years of required isolation, required masks and required rules exacerbate my tolerance. My volatile triggers of late are a perceived lack of attention or people not really caring about my needs.

So, when I find businesses that do listen and care, I give thanks. 

Those who have family members who are bipolar, OCD, or on the spectrum know that food jags are common. They find something they like and insist on eating it every day. Honestly, it is simply a relief when they find something they like. Not knowing what to eat creates a whole other problem.

So Eric has decided to eat KFC on the weekends. Two-piece meal, chicken breasts (not the back part), red rice (must not be wet), a biscuit, and hot wings.  Perhaps not the healthiest but then, again, it is the weekend, and the portions are contained.

Enter, Tamuning KFC. We have learned to dance well together. Manager Kiomi, assistant Steph and their team should be hired to facilitate training modules on customer service. As my order needs to be exact, she has modeled patience, listening skills, accommodations and understanding. Her team – Fran, Susa, Kayla, Keilyn, Norris – make her proud.

They provide me with relief and a great appreciation for their work. They smile. They exchange items if needed.  They’ve employed strategies to ensure I don’t have to drive back.  They all deserve pay raises. 

Families living with mental health challenges know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank you, over and over.

Years ago, Thai Kelaguen on the Go was introduced to me. OMG!  The challenge is finding it. That’s when I stumbled across MTM New Market. The trick is you must get there early enough. Right after morning mass works really well.  You are greeted by Ann Lee or her son, Tom. Hard workers, respectful and focused.  Their shop has a lot of snacks and products.  Their store is clean.  They smile and their courteous manner is a great way to kick off the day.  Thank you for being in Guam, Lee Family!

As we know, roads get fixed and then broken up for one reason or another.  The cracks hurt our tires – which my truck seems to invite. 

Each time the tire icon appears, I close my eyes. But I have found great service at Delta in Barrigada. Manager Henry and Technician Sam give me immediate help. In 15 minutes or so, the tear is found and patched up.  Hard workers who enjoy helping their customers.

Another stress buster is the Mega Tamuning team. Medication needs between Eric and I have skyrocketed during the last few years. Finding the inventory is not always easy. And that has gotten me cranky a couple of times. They take deep breaths and honestly, our communication patterns have significantly improved. When the prices are crazy high, they listen patiently as I react. They are the messengers and, overall, understand the fright of not getting medicine as needed.

I always pray for those individuals who go without because they cannot afford them. I pray for their families as they cope with the consequences. Jeremy, Vince, Josh, Justin, Hobie, Maricel and Sophia and others I know by face understand this and do what they can to follow the myriad of laws and processes guiding prescription procedures. Thank you, Mega, for understanding and making this life a little easier.

When supply was still limited, I scurried from place to place finding Eric’s preferred beverages.  I always struck gold at the ABC stores. My first encounter at GPO ABC introduced me to Manager Larron. Pleasant, attentive, helpful, nice, clear.  What’s great is that all the ABC stores transmit the same message – that customers are valued – in person and on the phone – which they actually answer – in person. Wonderful!  Thank you, ABC, for being in Guam.


   Aline Yamashita is a mom, a teacher and former senator. She served in the 31st and 32nd Guam Legislatures. Send feedback to


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