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  • By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Creation of park ranger reserve program proposed

Ypao Beach Park

Sen. Jose “Pedo” Terlaje two bills that would create a park ranger reserve program and compensation for the newly created Conservation Enforcement Reservists in line with what public safety reservists.

Reservists provide tactical support and extra enforcement capability to these public safety programs.

Bill 26-36 would create a park ranger reserve program within the Department of Parks and Recreation. These law enforcement officers are responsible for public parks all across the island and maintain their safety and security.

“Park rangers are responsible for enforcement of laws in 56 different public parks throughout the island. This includes the enforcement of public drinking and public drunkenness laws, issues that pervade our parks especially at night. Currently, there are only two park rangers for the entire island," Terlaje said.

"The park ranger reserve program would provide much needed extra manpower in maintaining the safety of our public parks."

Bill 25-36 seeks to provide the Department of Agriculture’s newly formed Conservation Officer Reservists with the same level of compensation as other public safety reservists including the Guam Police Department Civilian Volunteer Police Reserve.

Guam Police Department Reservists are currently compensated at $500 a month if they provide 42 hours or more of work that month. Conservation Officers are responsible for the enforcement of many of Guam’s environmental laws including fishing and hunting laws.

Conservation officers are key in enforcing our laws which protect fish and wildlife and are our front-liners against over-fishing and ensuring the sustainability of our fisheries for generations to come," Terlaje said. "Laws are meaningless without enforcement and reserve programs provide the extra manpower to enforce our existing laws."

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