Church endorses only ‘morally acceptable' vaccines

Archbishop Michael Byrnes

In a bid to resolve the ethical dilemma involving the Covid-19 vaccine's link to abortion, the Archdiocese of Agana is urging Guam officials to provide only booster shots that the church deems “morally acceptable.”

Archbishop Michael Byrnes said his guidance for moral acceptability of the vaccines refers specifically to the Pfizer and Moderna brands and excludes Johnson & Johnson.

“I strongly urge our government and medical officials to continue to provide morally acceptable vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna to our community because of the large population of Catholics in Guam,” Byrnes said.

The moral question over the vaccine was linked to abortion, specifically Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen brand which is being manufactured with abortion-derived cell lines.

If one has the ability to choose a vaccine, Byrnes said in an open letter to the faithful, “Pfizer or Moderna's vaccines should be chosen over Johnson & Johnson.”