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Bolaven has minimal impact on Guam airport

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Several airlines canceled a total of nine inbound flights to Guam at the height of Typhoon Bolaven but the Guam International Airport continued its operations throughout the storm, according to John M. Quinata, the airport's executive manager.

“The airport stood ready whether or not airlines determined flight activity based on actual weather conditions," Quinata said.

“As an essential facility for the people of Guam, the GIAA remained open and operating to support all air carrier operations for inbound and outbound flights throughout the storm,” he added.

He said the airport staff and other airport service providers stayed open to service passengers who remained in the terminal for their safety.

“We have a great team of dedicated professionals that are committed to the GIAA’s mission and we thank our airline partners, passenger service providers, and all airport staff and stakeholders for working throughout the storm," Quinata said.


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