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Bill proposes to expect prescription drugs from business privilege tax


By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Jesse Lujan has introduced a bill seeking to exempt prescription medicines from the business privilege tax, in addition to other items earlier proposed to be listed as tax-free.

Lujan said Bill 220-37 was a result of constituent feedback from the public hearing on a previously filed proposal, Bill 4-37, to lift the BPT on food and medicine for a year.

"We received testimony in support of Bill 4-37 as well as requests for us to consider forming legislation to completely exempt prescription medicines from the BPT," Lujan said.

"After engaging with the healthcare providers then, and also after attending the dinner hosted recently by the Guam Medical Association to discuss improving healthcare on Guam, I believe this legislation will help both our people and medical community," Lujan added.



Bill 220-37 is co-sponsored by Senators Christopher M. Dueñas, Frank Blas, Jr., Thomas J. Fisher, and Chris Barnett.


“Ensuring access to healthcare by exempting prescription drugs is not just a matter of health, but a testament to our commitment as a governing body to ease the financial pain we are all facing and make essential medications affordable," Lujan said.

"This should provide relief to both our healthcare providers who dispense the prescribed medications and the patients who need them,” he added.

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