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Application for All Rise program begins Sept. 1

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero signed a new executive order streamlining the application process for the All RISE program, which will begin accepting applications on Sept. 1.

The governor's office said the Department of Revenue and Taxation will accept the applications for the program that will be paid out "according to an aggressive schedule on a first-in, first-out basis until the $30 million allocation is exhausted."

The executive order noted the following:

"The RISE Act did not include eligibility requirements as provided in the interim rule, rendering the use of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds for the RISE Act as potential violations of federal guidance.

"Existing legislation requires that applicants submit a mayor’s verification. This is an onerous requirement intended to ensure residency but instead overwhelmed mayor’s offices with requests despite the fact that residency could be easily and efficiently ascertained by referring to filed tax returns already in the possession of the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT); an

"The RISE Act further required that applicants submit an 'employment certification' and 'employment certification” is not defined in the RISE Act or in any other Guam statute.

The governor said during her recent federal mission, "I had the opportunity to meet with U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo who provided clarity on the appropriate uses of American Rescue Plan funds, pending the issuance of the final rule expected in the fall.

"Recognizing that the original RISE Act legislation preceded the ARP, changes were required to bring the local cash assistance program into compliance with the interim final rule,” Leon Guerrero said. “The All RISE Program responsibly provides direct relief and uplifts our families who were adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Working closely with DRT Director Dafne Mansapit-Shimizu and her team, we look forward to expedient payments as we have with the numerous assistance programs we’ve implemented since the start of the pandemic for individuals and businesses alike,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio.

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