Almost famous

Portland, Maine — I had my first introduction to fame in 1977 during our Andrews University Band trip to Romania, where concert-goers — as I mentioned in my previous column — would ask for our autographs.

My next brush with fame was in 1979 when my employer, the Review & Herald Publishing Association, used my picture on the cover of a new book "Who Am I.” Alas, despite its dynamic cover, the was not a best seller. LOL.

In my mind, being famous is equated with knowing a really famous celebrity, not how many people know me.

There are a couple of famous people that I've idolized as superstars and I thought I would be famous if I felt connected with one of them.

The first was in my high school days at Adelphian Academy in Holly, Michigan. Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings was my childhood idol and a real celebrity in the Detroit area.

During my senior year, one of my classmates claimed to live near Gordie Howe and be friends with the family. I was promised an autographed puck and an introduction, but it never happened, which is one of my greatest disappointments in life. Coming that close though, I thought that I had been almost famous.