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$500 tax credit for PPE proposed

Guam’s families may soon get a $500 tax credit for the cost of personal protective equipment, or PPEs, under a proposed bipartisan bill. Introduced by Sens. Frank Blas Jr., Tina Rose Muña-Barnes and Chris Duenas, Bill 70-36 creates a broad-based tax rebate program for tax-filing heads of household via the Guam Qualifying Certificate law.

The measure recognizes that for nearly a year, PPEs have become a part of daily life. Whether in our businesses or at our places of worship, we are required by the government and commonsense to wear PPEs. But the cost of this mandate is uniquely placed on individuals or their families alone. “PPEs save lives, so we have every interest in making them more affordable to everyday people. And, if the government is going to create a mandate on people, it should also create the way in which that mandate can be met,” said Sen. Frank Blas Jr. “In tough economic times where put our money says a great deal about who we are, I want us doing everything we can to keep covid-19 from making a comeback—and this bill is one step in the right direction.” The bill creates a $500 PPE rebate for all qualified heads of household on Guam. The measure is intended to offset the cost of face masks, facial screens, detergents, and other sanitization aids. “I know some of our opponents will say this will cost our government too much money in uncollected income. I ask them, how much does it cost to shut down the economy instead said Senator Frank Blas Jr. “Others might say the feds will never let you do anything that affects the tax mirror, I say let’s show uncle Sam we are doing everything we can on Guam-- and maybe he will do everything he can for Guam In D.C.”



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