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$4M approved for Guam airport projects

Photo by Mar-Vic Cagurangan

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation approved an additional $4 million in funding requested by Guam for airport projects, the Office of Guam Del. James Moylan announced today.

The additional funding is part of the Congressional Community Project Funding for fiscal year 2024.

The proposed funds are earmarked for two projects submitted by the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority.

The amount of $2 million would fund a comprehensive study to identify the requirements that would provide improved and expanded accessibility for individuals with disabilities at the airport.

Officials said this item included the designs and specifications to improve the parking facilities, provide covered curbside canopies, address a digital signage content management system, upgrade restrooms, and install service animal relief areas.

Another $2 million would be used to update the airport's fire alarm and fire suppression infrastructure. The project also includes the integration of all facilities and the centralization of command and control under the airport's jurisdiction. This would essentially modernize a 25-year-old system.


"The airport is certainly due for some modernization, and these funds should assist with developing a comprehensive plan which would ensure the facility is further ADA compliant while ensuring a safe, secure and healthy airport environment," Moylan said.

He credited the Guam airport administration for drafting "clear and concise submittals which made it easier for our team to work with the appropriate parties."

CPFs are opportunities for members of Congress to submit requests for funding from various accounts for smallerscale projects within their districts.

Once approved by the sub-committee, the measure is adopted by the House of Representatives and then furthered for final action.

According to the delegate's office, Moylan was made aware of nearly $1.5 million of approved funding for equipment for the Guam Fire Department, inclusive of a Pumper Truck, and yesterday announced an additional $2 million for the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency to fund an A&E design for the Custom's Screening Facility. This brings a total of nearly $7.5 million in CPFs approved by the sub-committee for Guam as of date.

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