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San Nicolas heading back to Congress for second term

Guam Delegate Michael San Nicolas obtained 59.6 percent of the votes cast, defeating his challenger, former congressman Robert Underwood, in Tuesday's runoff election that had only a 31 percent voter turnout.

Official results from the Guam Election Commission show San Nicolas garnerning 10,326 of the 17,355 votes cast. Underwood received 6,996 votes. Guam has 55,884 registered voters.

"The Democratic Party of Guam would like to thank the 17,000+ voters who exercised their sacred right to vote in the runoff rlection. We congratulate Congressman Michael F.Q. San Nicolas on his victory, and thank former congressman Dr. Robert A. Underwood or stepping up to serve our Island," the Democratic Party of Guam said in a statement. "As the election season officially comes to an end, the party would like to emphasize to all incoming candidates-elects, both Democrats and Republicans, that we need to put our differences aside and work together for the sake of our island."

The Democratic Party said the recent victory of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris paved a promising path for Guam.

"But it also takes all of us striving for a common goal: which should be combatting Covid-19, and returning our Island to our more prosperous days. Our people have demonstrated that we are resilient - but as our island’s history has taught us, we can only overcome this, if we do it together," the party said.

The Republican Party of Guam also extended its congratulations to San Nicolas.

"We certainly look forward to continuing the bi-partisan efforts of working with the congressman, as evidenced over the past two years in our collaboration with Republican members of Congress on issues critical to the island."

With many pressing issues ahead such as economic recovery and financial support for thousands in the community, the Republican Party said it stands ready to engage in discussions with San Nicolas on a path for Guam.

"The Republican Party of Guam would also like to extend a commendation to former Congressman, Dr. Robert Underwood, and Senator Wil Castro for their efforts in desiring to represent Guam in the United States House of Representatives. Campaigns are never easy, and these two gentlemen proudly presented their plans for our island. But now we must place differences aside and work collectively for the betterment of our community," the GOP said in a statement.

Sen. Amanda Shelton also issued the following statement:

“I congratulate both our sitting delegate and the former delegate for providing the people of Guam with a spirited campaign and clear choice in whom they want to represent our island in Congress.Both men deserve thanks for their commitment to public service and to the people of Guam.”

Shelton points out that both locally and nationally 2020 has been an extraordinary year in politics and that it is now time to move on. She adds that a majority of voters both locally and in the mainland have made known their preference for the Democrat agenda and Shelton says it is time to move that agenda forward.

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