Smart air filtration system piloted at GMH

The Guam Memorial Hospital, the designated Covid-19 treatment center on island, has launched the pilot of a revolutionary smart air filters and disinfection system donated by Docomo Pacific. The filters are part of a donation that brings immediate air purification benefits, while allowing the government hospital to participate in a pilot program with Aura Air, Docomo said.

A year into the Covid-19 pandemic, new avenues are being explored to ensure the safety of the community. The introduction of Aura Air is seen as an important step toward a healthier island community.

Although the tech is groundbreaking,"this filter does not claim to be a replacement for PPEs, but it becomes an added layer of protection," Roderick Boss, Docomo Pacific CEO, said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon. "You can imagine the benefit this could be in boosting confidence for people in businesses, hotels, as we try to revive our economy."

Aura Air will monitor the air quality in various parts of the hospital before the filters are activated and during the purification process.

"Aura Air was founded three years ago with the mission to improve indoor air quality, its important to note that indoor air pollution was a public health emergency before COVID-19 however we can see how it became a bigger problem," Roy Friedburg, vice president of Aurar Air, while introducing the device itself.