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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Guam Democrats winning majority control by razor-thin margin


The Democratic Party is likely to retain the majority control of the 36th Guam Legislature but with only a one-seat margin over the Republican Party, according to unofficial results of the Nov. 3 elections.

The Democrats are winning only eight in the 15-seat legislature. The Republicans, who currently hold five seats in the 35th Guam Legislature, have netted two more seats.

Unofficial results showed 11 incumbents have been reelected, with Sen. Therese Terlaje (D) emerging as the top vote getter, followed by Sen. James Moylan (R).

Incumbent Sen. Kelly Marsh Taitano, a Democrat, fell on the 16th spot. Two other imcumbents, Sen. Regine Biscoe-Lee, Democrat, and Sen. Louise Muna, Republican, did not run for reelection. Incumbent Republican Sen. Wil Castro ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress.

Four former Republican senators-- Joanne Brown, Frank Blas Jr, Tony Ada and Chris Duenas, are making their way back into the session hall.

In a statement issued today, the Republican Party of Guam said it is elated to have picked up additional seats for the 36th Guam Legislature and excited about the return of former senators.

"While the hopes were to promote true checks and balances within the government of Guam through a majority, attaining two additional seats within the legislative body provides an 8-7 minority versus the present super minority status," the statement reads.

"The group not only brings a diversity of experience from both the public and private sectors, but also will bring to the table a degree of professionalism, transparency, and the much needed energy as our island recovers from this health and economic crisis.

"Republican senators will continue to roll up their sleeves to work with members of the Democratic majority as we move the island forward. With this, we offer our best wishes to the 36th Guam Legislature, and may we continue to pray that the work of the people is prioritized," the statement reads.

Incumbent delegate Michael San Nicolas is leading the congressional race, gaining 13,000 or 45.95 percent of the votes cast, which is below the 50 percent plus one required to win the seat. Robert Underwood obtained 9,300 votes (32.87 percent) and Wil Castro 5,942 (21 percent).

Under the law, "If no candidate receives such majority, on the fourteenth day following such election a runoff election shall be held between the candidates receiving the highest and the second highest number of votes cast for the office of delegate."

Of the 55,880 registered voters, only 29,034 cast their ballots, showing 51.96 turnout.

Non-Voting Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives

DEM San Nicolas, Michael F.Q. 3,755 43.39%

DEM Underwood, Robert Anacletus 3,042 35.15%

REP Castro, William Mendiola 1,843 21.30%

Guam Legislature (Top 16)

DEM Terlaje, Therese M. 8,960 6.42%

REP Moylan, James C. 8,171 5.85%

DEM San Agustin, Joe Shimizu 7,194 5.15%

DEM Nelson, Telena Cruz 7,168 5.13%

REP Torres, Mary Camacho 6,968 4.99% R

EP Ada, Vicente Anthony Borja 6,648 4.76%

DEM Shelton, Amanda 6,400 4.58%

REP Taitague, Telo Teresa 6,330 4.53%

REP Blas, Frank Flores, Jr. 6,270 4.49% D

EM Muna Barnes, Tina Rose 5,687 4.07%

DEM Ridgell, Clynton E. 5,615 4.02%

REP Duenas, Christopher M. 5,389 3.86%

REP Brown, Joanne M. 4,851 3.47% D

EM Perez, Sabina E. 4,723 3.38%

DEM Terlaje, Jose Toves 4,486 3.21%

DEM Marsh, Kelly G. 4,414 3.16%

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