Marshall Islands report first Covid cases in US Army base on Kwajalein

Majuro — The first positive cases of Covid-19 were confirmed among two American U.S. Army Garrison — Kwajalein Atoll or USAG-KA workers who arrived Tuesday this week as part of an ongoing repatriation program at the missile testing range in the Marshall Islands.

Army and Marshall Islands authorities confirmed that a female aged 35 and a male aged 46 both tested positive for coronavirus soon after arrival. They had tested negative in Honolulu prior to boarding Tuesday’s military flight to Kwajalein Atoll.

Marshall Islands authorities said there had been no contact with people in the Kwajalein base community as the two, along with the others in the weekly repatriation group, are in managed quarantine at the Army base.

Underlining the significance of this development in a country that has been one of a dozen globally to remain unaffected by Covid-19, President David Kabua delivered a statement Wednesday night that was broadcast live on the government’s AM radio station.