Partnerships, the foundation of nature conservation in the Pacific

Kosi Latu

We must admit, after over a year of planning for the 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas that was scheduled to take place in New Caledonia from April 19 to 24 2020, the pandemic Covid-19 hit home on so many fronts. We weren’t sure of what was to happen to our Pacific people and communities with this virus, and we knew we’d have to regroup and recalibrate our conference, moulding over a year of planning into something new to make sure our conference happens. Every five or so years, everyone that works on saving our Pacific biodiversity unites to review work done over the last five years, and plan work ahead in the coming five years for nature conservation – also known as our Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas. The last conference in Fiji in 2013 saw over 800 people register and participate. For us, our Pacific biodiversity – all living things – is crucial for our survival. Our biodiversity helps bring us a livelihood. It is the foundation of our culture and our traditions. Our biodiversity is responsible for bringing us fresh water, protecting us from the elements and feeding us.