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  • By Ethan Perez

Underwood seeking to reopen war claims process

Congressional candidate Robert Underwood is seeking to reopen the war claims process for survivors of World War II who have yet to receive their claims.

The reopening of war claims is among the nine proposed actions listed in Underwood's platform for Guam veterans, billed "Never Forgetting out People."

Some WWII survivors were able to receive their war claims last year through the local war claims program that tapped the Section 30 funds.

“I’m proposing nine specific actions—because healthcare, access to healthcare, and access to veteran’s services is critical not just for veterans but for their families," Underwood said at Tuesday's press conference.

During the press conference, the former congressman shared a few key goals of his platform.

The first two points go hand in hand, as Underwood is hoping to reopen the war claims process while running a parallel campaign nationally which informs eligible individuals of the process and it’s new deadline.

These points are coupled with Underwood’s plan to add a new count of veterans to include those currently residing in the CNMI and Micronesian regions. A goal that would justify better healthcare services and the placement of a improved Veterans Benefits center.

Health and wellness are public goods, and should be supported with proper infrastructure in all communities across the globe. As such Underwood hopes to “establish full medical services for Guam and the surrounding region through a Veteran’s Administration supported Hospital”

Local caregivers will be aided through support programs. These will provide information and help with direction or training from private caregivers.

Some of the key points of Underwood's platform are :

  • Reopen the War Claims process for eligible recipients

  • Launch a nationwide campaign informing eligible recipients of the process and the new deadline

  • Seek a new count of veterans to include the NMI and the Micronesian region to justify upgraded health care services and a fully functioning Veterans Benefit Center

  • Establish full-service medical care services for Guam and the region through a Veteran’s Administration supported hospital and pharmacy or cooperative agreement with Naval Hospital, which will include Nursing Home Services for eligible veterans and other eligible persons

  • Bolster support programs and services for caregivers; seek training for private caregivers

  • Provide local agencies with additional assistance for programs that promote healthy lifestyles by addressing childhood obesity and teen substance abuse

The election for Guam delegate is a three-way race. Underwood, a Democrat, is seeking to challenge the incumbent delegate, Michael San Nicolas. Sen, Wil Castro is running on the Republican side.

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