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  • By Ethan Perez

Underwood unveils economic recovery plan

Robert Underwood

Congressional candidate Robert Underwood on Thursday released the first of four parts of his comprehensive plan for Guam, which includes management of federal aid and economic diversification.

Underwood's plan, entitled “Rebuilding Guam’s Future: Recover, Renew and Prosper," focuses on the third pandemic relief package proposed in Washington D.C.

The key points are :

• A Guam-centric pandemic relief package which will be developed in the new Congress

• Shaping the military buildup to increase benefits to the Guam economy

• Using federal policy to help restore the visitor industry

• Enhancing the presence of federal economic agencies like SBA and USDA Rural Development to benefit Guam and the surrounding region's economy

• Diversifying the economy through a knowledge-based economy with growth centers in agriculture, aquaculture, information technology and using the advantages that Guam has geographically and in terms of legal structure to create high paying jobs for our people Please find the platform as released attached for your information. The platform.

Underwood served in Congress for 10 years from 1993 to 2003. Last year, he retired as president of the University of Guam.

A Democrat, Underwood is running against the incumbent delegate, Mike San Nicolas. Due to the cancellation of Aug. 29 primary-- which would have determined the Democratic Party's official nominee--- the congressional race has become a three-way contest. Sen. Wil Castro is the Republican Party's candidate for the delegate seat.

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