Action PAC endorses 10 Republicans, 2 Democrats

Action PAC's choice candidates

The Action PAC Inc today unveiled its list of senatorial candidates it will support in the general elections. The list includes 10 Republicans and two Democrats.

"The Political Action Committee members include concerned citizens, partner organizations, and local citizens concerned with what's going on in our local community and our economy. We want to do what's best to bring our island back," said Laura Dacanay, executive director of the newly formed PAC.

The coalition is endorsing former Senator Vincent "Tony" Ada (R), John Ananich (D), Michelle Armenta (R), former Senator Frank Blas Jr. (R), Vincent Borja (R), Former GPD Chief Joseph "Ji" Cruz (R), former senator Chris Duenas (R), Joaquin "Ken" Leon Gurrero (R), Sen. James Moylan (R), Sen.Telo Taitague (R), Sen. Therese Terlaje (D) and Sen. Mary Torres (R).

Only 50 percent of the senatorial candidates responded to a questionnaire that the PAC sent out. Responses came from newcomers, 73 percent and only 27 percent incumbent Democrats. A total of 77 percent of responses came from the Republican party.

"We need to elect strong leaders who will support init