Teaching in a virus-free country

Welcome to CMI.

Our in-class classes never stopped. Things are the same. We waited and waited, then the virus never came.

Walking around here, living life, nothing is different from before. I live in what usually seems like an alternate reality anyway—a piece of linguini in the middle of the Pacific that, in many places, you can walk across in less than a minute.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a country of 58,000 composed of 29 coral atolls. Majuro is the capital and another atoll, Kwajalein, is home to a U.S. military base.

The College of the Marshall Islands is the only college based in the country. The University of the South Pacific has a presence here, but is a Fijian university operating in nine countries across the Pacific. CMI is a small school, with about a thousand students a semester.

I started teaching English here in January 2020 and I remember one of the things that entertained me those first couple of weeks was: what if this coronavirus becomes a pandemic and I wind up stuck on this island in the middle of nowhere while everyone else is forced to quarantine? Now wouldn't that be crazy?