The Double Dippers Club: GovGuam has a growing list of  positions exempted from pension suspension

Joseph Guthrie

Double dipping, in the context of the government of Guam, refers to the practice of an active employee receiving a pension from the Retirement Fund while simultaneously receiving a salary from GovGuam employment.

On Jan. 10, 1975, the legislature enacted the antidote to double dipping — a statute suspending, for the duration of their renewed employment, the pensions of retired employees who have been rehired by GovGuam.

Suspension makes sense. It prevents a drain on the Fund otherwise caused by double dipping. This policy contributes to the solvency of the Fund.

However, double dipping has grown like Topsy over the years due to numerous amendments to 4GCA 8121—the statute mandating the pension freeze for rehired retirees. Subsequent amendments have created a bloated list of job classes exempt from this policy.