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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Guam Democrats support Kamala Harris

Guam Democrats welcomed the selection of Kamala Harris as the party's nominee for vice president nominee alongside the presumptive presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The Guam Democratic Party issued the following statement:

"Harris has an extensive background in law and in working with the grassroots in her various positions as lawyer, district attorney in the state of California and as a United States senator.

"Her parents are Asian and African American, and she has an innate sensitivity to minorities and those struggling with socio-economic and discrimination issues. Harris will be an excellent vice president and an advocate for the territories. With her familial roots and lengthy educational and experiential background, she will bring greater insight to the territories and the issues facing islanders. "

Political pundits say the 55-year-old former attorney general had always appeared to be the strongest choice for Biden, 77.

Guam voters participate in a presidential straw poll for their choice in the U.S. presidential general election. However, since Guam has no votes in the electoral college, the poll has no real effect.

However, in sending delegates to the Republican and Democratic national conventions, Guam does have influence in the national presidential race, though these convention delegates are elected by local party conventions rather than voters in primaries.

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