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  • By Louella Losinio

PCOR 2 declaration expected Monday; salons, shopping centers, among businesses to be opened

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero is now planning to transition the island’s economy from Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1 (PCOR 1) to PCOR 2 on May 11, according to Ricky Hernandez, a member of the Government of Guam’s Recovery Panel of Advisors.

Hernandez spoke during a virtual town hall meeting organized by the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Guam Chamber of Commerce Thursday morning.

The business network organized the meeting to provide clarification on industry guidelines as businesses prepare their places of work for re-opening.

Hernandez said that he expects the Department of Public Health and Social Services to issue the guidance memo within the next few hours.

“That guidance is being prepped today. I believe that it might be issued sometime today,” he said.

Aside from the essential businesses identified in PCOR 1, several others will be allowed to operate on a limited basis, according to Hernandez.

“The businesses that are authorized to open upon a PCOR 2 declaration on May 11 — once that decision is made —-are all essential businesses operating on PCOR 1. That has been made clear. Those that are operating currently are authorized in PCOR 2.”

He added: “…in addition to, upon declaration of PCOR 2, these are retail stores, real estate, and automotive sales, salons, florists, shopping centers and malls. During discussions with the physicians’ advisory group, elective medical and dental procedures, treatments, and therapies. And then other professional services not already considered as an essential business.”


Hernandez said the Governor has directed the gradual reopening of customer-focused government services.

Meanwhile, government offices operating under PCOR 1 will continue to operate.

These government offices include the Department of Land Management and the Department of Revenue and Taxation, which is currently operating on a limited basis.

“The Department of Revenue and Taxation is really a good example of the expectation that government is currently working on — how to— for example — for taxation — how to move certain services out,” Hernandez said.

“All of these (government) services may not open (under PCOR 2) but they are expected to open at some point,” he added.


Minimum pandemic workplace requirements

Hernandez also provided an overview of the minimum requirements for businesses opening under PCOR 2. Below are some of the requirements:

  • Mandate the wearing of face masks

  • Develop and communicate social distancing policies

  • Limit in-person interactions and physical contact

  • Train employees on social distancing policies and protocols.

On Tuesday afternoon, during her daily news conference, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero announced the plans for “re-opening” the island’s economy in “Chalan Para Hinemlo.”

According to the Governor, the island is in Pandemic Condition Of Readiness 1 or PCOR 1 and expects to move into PCOR 2 this weekend.

“I do reiterate (last week) that this is not a perfect plan and obviously, as new information emerges, what will be open and what can be open during any of these PCOR levels will change,” Hernandez said at the town hall meeting. (PNC)

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