Governor on broader power: this is the senators' own idea

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero lashes back at senators who criticize her request for broader authority amid the Covid- 19 crisis.

“At various points throughout this emergency, senators have asked me publicly and privately to execute curfews and clearly enforce the mandates of my executive orders. These same senators argued that these extended powers were necessary save us from uncertain time,” the governor said.

“Now some of the same senators are saying that these ideas are excessive and overreach and wrong. While this is the equivalent of being tossed the lifeline only to watch bystanders toss away the rope, I respect their decision. I only hope we won’t be back here in a few weeks asking for the same power to fight the surge of new cases,” Leon Guerrero said in her press briefing on Wednesday.

The governor was referring to the Republican senators, who are opposed to Bills 334 and 335, which would expand the curfew law and impose penalties for violators of emergency directives.

The legislature is set to vote on the bill Thursday afternoon.

Regardless of the legislature’s decision, the governor said, “my job is to keep Guam safe with every tool at my disposal. Nothing will deter me from that mission. We all realize that we have never experienced a crisis quite like this before.”

Leon Guerrero is hopeful that the legislature will vote in favor of Sen. Amanda Shelton’s curfew bill. “I would follow the letter of the law and I would use my resources to implement it. I would have more police officers out there patrolling the roadways. I would have police officers patrolling various communities,” Leon Guerrero said.