Welcome to Hellcome: Local filmmaker Bobby Bonifacio Jr. constantly in search of stories

Bobby Bonifacio Jr

The mainstream audience may not view horror as serious cinema, with supernatural situations that seem too farfetched to be relatable. Yet classics such as The Shining and Carrie prove that compelling stories can be told with blood and gore. Today, Get Out and Stranger Things reshape the horror genre with believable, complex characters that audiences can connect with. Guam-based director Bobby Bonifacio Jr. was sure to keep these things in mind when he was making his latest film, Hellcome Home.

“My writing is not necessarily about using the genre of horror but about making compelling characters. You get to know your characters by describing their fears,” Bonifacio said as he thoughtfully sipped his coffee. It’s late afternoon and the caffeine helped him unwind in the tiny Agana café. “You try to flesh out their flaws to be relatable. What is wrong with this character? What are their problems? How can this character speak to the viewer? Does the audience feel what the character feels? I try create important characters with goals to achieve.”