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Promotion option for longtime GovGuam employees proposed

Allowing upward mobility for old-time public employees could provide a long-term solution to impending gaps in government of Guam workforce, according to Sen. Sabina Perez.

“In five years, the government stands to lose a large part of its workforce due to retirement. We are already seeing the impacts to some agencies,” said Perez, who met with Gov. Leon Guerrero on Thursday to discuss developing action plans to fill needed vacancies and increasing efficiency in government services.

Leon Guerrero and Perez agreed on piloting successional planning in specific agencies to help overcome uman resource challenges.

Perez, who has oversight of General Services Agency and Department of Revenue and Taxation, noted that issues with recruitment, retention and personnel optimization are shared among these agencies.

“A history of insufficient personnel at GSA has been a factor in delaying funding and services to the community and, in some cases, it has potentially jeopardized future federal assistance,” Perez said.

Recommendations for GSA and DRT were provided to the governor based on FY2020 staffing patterns and agency objectives.

“Because GSA primarily has entry-level buyers and few mid-level ones, one of the recommendations was to provide opportunities for promotion to current staff and recruit entry-level positions through training,” Perez said.

The Department of Administration are prioritizing to fill critical vacant positions within the agencies.

Additional recommendations for DRT focus on integrating the FY2020 objectives of “upgrading computer systems, recruiting talents with accounting and/or information technology experience.”

The Governor and Senator Perez discussed the possible use of a project management office to evaluate the needs of the agency, including much-needed technology upgrades. “The improvements that we make in human resources to these agencies can translate to the rest of the government,” said Perez.

Perez also sees opportunities for successional planning to be incorporated in school curriculum.

“Currently, we have GCC satellite programs in the high schools for certain trades. I think it’s important to expand opportunities leading to long-term and stable careers by addressing workforce needs of both the public and private sectors. With successional planning, we can collaboratively develop curricula that empower our future workforce to tackle climate change mitigation, food security, and other innovative initiatives that address the needs and challenges of Guam in the 21st century,” Perez said.

“I look forward to collaborating with the administration and agencies under my oversight toward developing successional planning as a model that may be replicated throughout the government,” Perez said. “One of Guam’s most precious and untapped resources is its human resources. The attention to and management of our human resources is key to providing support to our employees who provide needed services to the community, diversifying and growing our economy, and promoting island sustainability,” she added.

“I appreciate the cooperation of Sen. Sabina Flores Perez in working with our administration and in providing necessary policies to achieve our mission in making Guam a safe, fair, compassionate, and prosperous place,” Leon Guerrero said.




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