Adoption agency launched on Guam

There’s a new option for the expectant mothers of Guam: Adoption. Newly formed Ohala’ Adoptions provides a fresh list of resources for Guam

In September of this year, Guam got its very first & only non-profit adoption agency. In an effort to provide options to expectant mothers, Executive Director Lori Boss formed Ohala’ Adoptions (meaning “Hope” in CHamorro).

Together with directors Traci Anderson and Kelley Larsen, they represent several facets of the adoption process. With experience as a foster parent, an adoptee, and an adoptive parent, their intimate knowledge of the experience of adoption serves to guide them in helping all members of the adoption team through the experience.

It is the mission of Ohala’ to not only provide permanent families to the children of Guam, but to offer hope, comfort, and dignity to expectant mothers.