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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

CNMI to get $4.4M in additional FEMA funds for Yutu recovery

Saipan-- The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced more than $4.4 million in additional disaster grants for the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) to support ongoing Super Typhoon Yutu recovery. The total grant amount is $4.9 million, with the FEMA share of $4.4 million.

“These projects were among our top priorities and are a product of close collaboration between our office, FEMA, and the respective CNMI departments and agencies. We will continue to prioritize new infrastructure built to last and strengthening existing ones against future disasters,” said Governor Ralph DLG. Torres

The award will assist nine eligible applicants with reimbursement for eligible costs of debris removal, emergency protective measures, building replacements, replacement of damaged building contents and permanent repairs.

The additional funding consists of:

• $1,598,940, in federal funding to the CNMI Public School System to replace the Da’ok Academy High School building.

• $1,442,304 in federal funding to the Commonwealth Ports Authority for debris removal and for permanent repairs to Saipan and Tinian Sea and Air Ports.

• $420,355, in federal funding to the Tinian Municipality for permanent repairs to the Department of Land and Natural Resources building(s).

• $368,532, in federal funding to Saipan Municipality for permanent repairs to Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, Historic Preservation Office and content damage in 10 Municipality buildings.

• $208,109, in federal funding to Northern Marianas College for Emergency Protective Measures taken during Super Typhoon Yutu.

• $154,705, in federal funding to Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) for permanent repairs to two CUC buildings and building components.

• $112,693, in federal funding to the CNMI Public School System for permanent repairs to Tanapag Head Start ($19,455), Oleai Head Start ($40,215), and Dandan Head Start ($53,023).

• $71,957, in federal funding to Saipan Community School for permanent repairs to Building 8 and its contents and Building 9.

• $68,850, in federal funding to Mount Carmel School for permanent repairs to classrooms and the Library in Building A.

To date, FEMA has obligated a total of more than $130 million in federal funding for Public Assistance projects related to Super Typhoon Yutu.

The President authorized federal cost share for all categories of Public Assistance, at 90 percent of total eligible costs. In addition, federal cost share for debris removal and emergency protective measures was authorized at 100 percent for 180 days from the start of the incident. These grants are funded through FEMA’s Public Assistance program which provides grant reimbursement to communities for expenses incurred in the immediate response and the recovery from a disaster.

Eligible applicants include U.S. territories, local governments states, federally recognized tribal governments, and certain private nonprofit organizations. The grant applications in the CNMI are submitted by the Commonwealth, which coordinates the process with local governments. FEMA obligates funding for these projects directly to the Commonwealth and it is the Commonwealth's responsibility to ensure the eligible sub-recipients receive this award. Following its review process and upon receipt of appropriate documentation, the Commonwealth will provide funds to the sub-recipient on a reimbursable basis.


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