The good and the bad

Truly, my hats off to many Chuukese and other citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia who have made Guam their home and are contributing tremendously to our island community. A prime example is Singemasa Billias from Murilo, outer-island of Chuuk in the Northwest region.

Billias was recently awarded the Hospitality Employees aRe Outstanding, or HERO Awards, in the Lifesaving Category at Hotel Nikko Guam in Tumon, where he works.

Billias is a real-life hero. In a span of six years, he saved four lives as a lifeguard — a whopping number in lifesaving circles. He saved an elderly man in 2012, two children in 2016 (a one-year old baby and 10-year old boy, a few weeks apart), and a Korean woman in 2018. Billias performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), bringing drowning victims back to life. Not a small feat, even for a lifeguard.

How many regular Joes do you know who have saved even one life on Guam? Two lives, maybe? My point exactly!

Billias, like others from Chuuke and FSM, is a positive contributing force. There are a number of them in our midst. Perhaps a lot. They may not all be literal lifesavers like Billias, but nonetheless, they make a big difference.