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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Loen Guerrero OKs GovGuam insurance plan

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has announced her approval of the Government of Guam’s Health Insurance Plan.

For fiscal year 2020, Aetna International will be the Government of Guam’s exclusive insurance provider.

The plan will benefit participating employees, retirees, and the island’s foster children. “I thank the Health Negotiating Team for its work in selecting, amongst all the bidders, the most economical and beneficial healthcare insurance proposal plan,” said Governor Leon Guerrero.

“For several reasons, the Team was limited in time to conduct its negotiations. Even so, it was able to perform all of its duties and provide me with a quality insurance plan to consider.” As mandated by Public Law 34-83, the Negotiating Team is limited to forwarding only the lowest cost option healthcare insurance proposal plan to the Governor. Of all the proposals, Aetna International represented the smallest increase when compared to the fiscal year 2019 plans. “Now that the work of the Health Negotiation Team is done, my administration will spend the next few days working to ensure that any increase to the finalized rate structures will minimally affect, if at all, our employees, retirees, and foster children,” Leon Guerrero said.

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