In the depths of the Marianas Trench

On a sunny day in Apra Harbor, with the port full of shipping containers and cargo vessels, a modest yet mighty ship housing the Five Deeps sits patiently as its next journey is planned.

The Five Deeps is a reference to the five deepest parts of the ocean, with the Marianas Trench being the deepest point that this submersible vessel will map.

Victor Vescovo and his trench ride

With almost two-thirds of earth unexplored, businessman Victor Vescovo has made it his passion to explore the deepest parts of the oceans. “We're here now in the Challenger Deep, the deepest and most dangerous place we've attempted to dive yet. We're going to dive it more than once, four or five times, which has never been done before,” said Vescovo. “We'll try to send me down in a solo dive in a couple of days and within a day or two of that I'll go down again. It's a very ambitious agenda that we have, but we're bringing to the Challenger Deep more technology and more assets than we think anyone has ever brought before.”

Since a vessel has never visited Marianas Trench more than once, Vescovo hired Triton Submarines to create the Triton 36000/2, which Vescovo named the Limiting Factor. The Limiting Factor has three robotic landers and the most powerful sonar on a civilian level that currently exists.

Rob McCallun, co-founder of Triton Submarines was honored to be a part of the Five Deeps. “The original request from Victor was that he wanted to be the first guy to dive into the deepest point in each of the world's five oceans,” said McCallun, who is also expedition leader. “It's as important to rediscover the same trench. The other four, no one has been to. In the Marianas Trench, what we’re interested in is not just getting to the deepest point but also coming up the slope and looking at the walls. The trench walls are where great scientific achievements will be found. Like standing at the top of a mountain, there's not much there. To see interesting life of a mountain, you need to see the slope with the animals and plants. Like the trench,