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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Marsh-Taitano APIL resolution on Guam decolonization

At the recent Association of Pacific Island Legislatures meeting in Yap, Guam Senator Kelly Marsh-Taitano introduced a resolution demanding the United States uphold its commitment to Guam decolonlization and the Chamorro Land Trust.

Sen. Marsh-Taitano's Resolution No. 59-BOD-03 calls upon the United States government to uphold its commitment towards the decolonization and self-determination of Guam; her Resolution No. 59-BOD-05 supports native land rights and the mission of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.

Both resolutions were duly passed and received unanimous support.

Marsh-Taitano said, “I yearn to finally see the day that native Inhabitants will be allowed to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination. 73 years have come and gone since the United States government committed to decolonize the island of Guam.”

Colonization has disconnected native Chamorros from their lands in many way, according the Marsh-Taitano.

“When Guam decolonizes, what land will native Chamorros and their descendants connect to as a center point of their heritage, culture, and identity?” asked Sen. Marsh-Taitano.

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