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Democrats seek transparency of environmental violations

Therese Terlaje

Democratic senators on Tuesday introduced a bill that would require the timely publication of environmental violation notices and settlement agreements on the Guam Environmental Protection Agency’s website and require regular reporting of these notices and agreements to the GEPA Board of Directors.

Bill 27-35 was filed by Sens. Therese M. Terlaje, Sabina Flores Perez and Clynt Ridgell. Bill 27-35 requires the online publication of notices of violations, orders of compliance, notices of defense, voluntary compliance agreements, settlement agreements and referrals to the Office of the Attorney General for Prosecution, allowing the public to follow the enforcement process from start to finish.

“By increasing agency transparency, we are prioritizing active participation by the public in their government and ultimately making agencies and their boards accountable for the level of enforcement that our entire community is depending on,” Terlaje said.

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