Leon Guerrero team hopes to untangle shaky Guam finances

Governor-Elect Lou Leon Guerrero has announced nine members of what is being referred to as a "Fiscal Discipline Team," who will serve in cabinet and sub-cabinet positions in her new administration. It's an acknowledgement that the priority of the new administration will be righting the listing treasury ship of Guam and that rethinking of past fiscal policies is in order.

Gov.-Elect Leon Guerrero will formally transmit their nominations for confirmation to the Guam Legislature as well as submit recommendations to the respective boards of the autonomous agencies. Nominees will serve in acting capacities pending legislative confirmation.

Ms. Bertha Duenas was previously named as the administration’s chief advisor on fiscal discipline.

“I am pleased to announce the remaining members of the Fiscal Discipline Team who are committed to providing the leadership necessary to put our government’s financial house in order. From the moment we take office, our priorities will be to conduct a full review of our government’s finances, collect taxes that are rightfully owed to the government and to establish sound fiscal policies that will rescue the financial state of our government,” said Gov.-Elect Leon Guerrero. “The combined expertise and experience of both current and new leadership not only provides continuity in governance, but more importantly, gives our incoming administration the opportunity to implement a fiscal plan that is in line with the principles of fiscal discipline we committed to our taxpayers.”

“Throughout our campaign, Gov.-Elect Leon Guerrero and I committed to prioritizing how our government handles taxpayer dollars. I am confident in the team we have entrusted to execute this mandate and we look forward to working with them as we explore new opportunities which leads to new jobs for our people and a more diverse economy,” said Lt. Gov.-elect Tenorio. “The Governor-Elect and I are very proud to have them onboard and I know that they are prepared to make change happen.” The nominees and respective agencies follow:

Michele Santos Dep. Dir. Dept. Revenue & Tax; Artemio "Ricky" Hernandez GEDA; Dafne Shimizu Director Dept. Revenue & Tax

• Dafne Shimizu, Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation. Ms. Shimizu is currently the Vice President of Finance