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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

A look at events that will shake or rattle our world

The Pacific Island News Service, LLC, dba the Pacific Island Times, will publish print, digital and virtual editions of Turning Points Global Agenda 2019, a year-ahead licensed magazine from The New York Times Licensing Group.

Turning Points Global Agenda 2019 features exclusive content from globally recognized voices that share their unique perspectives on how our world and our lives may change in the coming year and beyond.

This annual magazine includes opinion pieces by political, cultural and economic thinkers who look at trends and ideas from around the world to identify key turning points and explain how they may influence the years ahead.

Other features in the magazine include The Big Question, where contributors offer their answers on a major issue affecting everyone; The First Time Ever, which identifies events and trends that happened for the first time in 2018; a Year in Cartoons roundup and a graphic report that illustrates the year ahead.

The Guam edition, to be published by the Pacific Island Times on Feb. 1, 2019, also will include local and regional content, including forecasts on the economy, tourism, climate change, social policy and government affairs, among others.

Our local features will include:

  • Higher education in the Western Pacific: A great responsibility in revolutionary times, by Dr. Thomas Krise, president of the University of Guam

  • The End of Micronesia: An examination of the area’s future role as it undergoes a substantial re-formulation, by Dr. Robert Underwood, former Guam delegate to Congress and former president of the University of Guam

  • The growth of Guam tourism amid market diversification by Nathan Denight, president and CEO of Guam Visitors Bureau

  • Chinafication of the Pacific: With the tides of influence shifting in the Pacific, island nations search for stability as established lenders question their priorities, by Gabriel McCoard, attorney and columnist for the Pacific Island Times

  • Climate Change: If we don’t step up and raise our voice, the situation will likely worsen, by Michelle Voacolo, climate change specialist for Micronesian Renewable Energy

  • The next four years: An interview with incoming Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, by Bruce Lloyd

  • A complacent colony: Guam is struggling to achieve self-determination, by Mar-Vic Cagurangan

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