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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

"Christmas Eve" declared GovGuam holiday

Guam Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo has joined the CNMI in giving government workers time off on the day before Christmas. A press release from Adelup described this as giving the workers Christmas Eve off, but since relatively few workers have duty the night before Christmas, presumably this applies to all of Dec. 24. According to the release, the order brings Guam in line with the presidential declaration of the holiday, which means most banks and federal agencies will be closed to transactions with residents and GovGuam.

"The island’s economy is strengthening and the Government of Guam’s finances are better than they were eight years ago. We expect a surplus for Fiscal Year 2018, we have additional unanticipated funding from the federal government, and we’re building what looks to be a new industry," according to the outgoing Calvo administration, which maintained, "It’s the hardworking men and women of the government who helped make these things happen."

“Our people are our greatest assets and the men and women of GovGuam have been dedicated to improving our island — whether it's fixing roads, upgrading gyms, paying tax refunds and COLA or staging a new drivers license office,” said Gov. Calvo. “This holiday season beckons a sense of optimism and confidence for our island and its future.”

Further, the release maintained, "Tourism numbers also continue to rise and we trust that the new administration’s talent and leadership will ensure these positive growth continues for the next four years."

The Calvo-Tenorio administration offered the people of Guam their wish for a wonderful Christmas holiday and a blessed new year.

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