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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

As Governor Calvo's term ends, sake time at Adelup

On Emperor Akihito's birthday, outgoing governor toasts to peace, friendship with Japan

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo joined Izumi Seki, consul general of Japan in Hagåtña, in celebrating the birthday of Japan Emperor Akihito, and participated in Kagami-wari. Kagami-wari, is the ceremonial opening of the Sake Cask which is believed to bring blessings of health, happiness, and prosperity to all. "I would like to thank Consul-General Seki for maintaining the strong and friendly relations between Guam and Japan. Let us toast for the peace and friendship we enjoy, as we wish a happy birthday to the emperor," said Governor Calvo after the Ceremonial Opening of the Sake Cask.


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