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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

CNMI still sheltering victims of Supertyphoon Yutu

156 remain in shelters as of this weekend

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the CNMI Public School System and the local chapter of the American Red Cross has successfully transitioned the remaining shelterees from Supertyphoon Yutu into a shelter facility in Kagman.

A number of temporary emergency evacuation shelters first opened their doors on Oct. 24, in response to Yutu. At the peak of shelter operations, a total of 15 shelters were opened, housing over 900 displaced residents who were unable to return and safely live in their homes due to major storm damage.

The Kagman facility officially opened its doors on Dec. 3 in an effort to house and consolidate the existing shelterees from Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School, Tanapag Middle School, Kagman Elementary School, the HOPE Recovery Center and the Office of Aging.

Various agencies and non-profit organizations have played key roles in identifying the needs and maintaining overall safety, comfort and care for those displaced residents since the opening of the evacuation shelters.

FEMA thanked the CNMI Government, the CNMI Public School System, the CNMI Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, the Hope Recovery Center, the American Red Cross, the Maturana House of Prayer, and all organizations that contributed to the overall sheltering efforts.

The Kagman Emergency Shelter Facility’s current population is 156 as of Dec. 8. The KESF is expecting to see more shelterees returning to their residences within the coming days as they use an emergency tent and roofing installation support program.

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