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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Guam joins nation in mourning President George H.W. Bush

America's 41st President passes away at the age of 94

Guam Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo and Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio call on the people of Guam to join the nation in prayer for former President George H. W. Bush who has passed away. Gov. Calvo has ordered all flags be flown at half-staff. “Through his career as a Navy pilot, congressman, CIA director, vice president and then president of our nation, President Bush was a patriot who believed, not just in the greatness of an American nation, but in the great responsibility that comes with being the leader of the free world,” Governor Calvo stated. Lt. Governor Tenorio noted the 41st President played a significant diplomatic role in navigating global issues during a very tense and tumultuous era in world history. “He was a leader and a diplomat who guided our nation through intense periods in global affairs,” Tenorio stated. “On behalf of Governor Calvo and our administration, let us all come together in prayer for the Bush family and in remembrance of the life of a great leader.”


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