Look for change in the 35th Guam Legislature

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, there will be a lot of new faces at the Guam Legislature in January and the collective level of legislative experience will be much lower.

Democratic departures include Speaker B.J. Cruz who has moved on to the Public Auditor’s Office, Sen. Frank Aguon, who is pursuing a write-in candidacy for governor, Sen. Michael F.Q. San Nicolas who is seeking the Guam Delegate to Washington seat, Sen. Dennis Rodriguez who ran in the gubernatorial primary, Fernando Esteves and longtime Sen. and Majority Leader Tom Ada. Choosing not to run are incumbent Republicans Minority Leader James Espaldon and Assistant Minority Leader Tommy Morrison.

Candidates are listed in the order they appear on the ballot:


Terlaje, Jose T. (Democrat)

He holds a Bachelor’s in public administration and associate’s in police science, UOG; University of Maryland; graduate, George Washington High School. Terlaje has served as mayor of Yona, civil defense director, a legislative aide at the Guam Legislature, a police sergeant and a 1st Sergeant in the U.S. Army.

Perez, Sabina E. (Democrat)

Holds a Master’s degree in teaching, University of Guam; bachelor’s in medical technology, University of Washington; graduate, Academy of Our Lady of Guam. She has been a teacher at Simon Sanchez High School, involved in curriculum development; sales/service representative of Mettler-Toledo Sales; staff research associate, University of California; laboratory supervisor and medical technologist.

Shelton, Amanda L. (Democrat)

Holds a Master’s in public administration, bachelor’s in political science and communication, UOG; graduate, Academy of Our Lady of Guam. Has served as press secretary, Office of Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo; chief of staff, Office of Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.; chief policy analyst, Guam Legislature.

Terlaje, Therese M. (Democrat)

Sen. Terlaje is acting Speaker of the 34th Guam Legislature. Her Juris Doctor is from the UCLA School of Law; bachelor’s in biology, Creighton University; graduate, Academy of Our Lady of Guam.

Marsh, Dr. Kelly G. (Democrat)

First time candidate holds a PhD in cultural heritage studies, Charles Sturt University; master’s degree in Micronesian studies, University of Guam; bachelor’s degree in history and anthropology, University of Guam. She is an Adjunct professor, University of Guam; consultant and managing partner, Nihi Ta Fanhasso' Cultural and Historical Consulting; cultural anthropologist/ethnographer, Government of Palau; principal and social studies instructor, Guam International Christian Academy; social studies instructor, Trinity Christian High School

Alerta, Jermaine (Democrat)

A graduate of Guam Southern High School; undergraduate courses at the University of Guam. Extensive work at the 33rd, 34th Guam Legislature including Executive Director of the 34th. Also, Research analyst, Office of Sen. Telena Nelson; director of customer service and community outreach, MacTech Guam; committee director, Office of Sen. Michael San Nicolas; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director, Office of Sen. Mana Silva Taijeron; staff assistant, Office of Governor Felix Camacho; staff assistant, Guam State Clearinghouse; staff assistant, Office of Sen. Mike Cruz; staff assistant, Office of Sen. John Quinata

Muña-Barnes, Tina Rose (Democrat)

She was previously elected six times to 27th through 33rd Guam Legislatures. She is a graduate, Academy of Our Lady of Guam who attended Guam Community College. Other work and experience: Guam Autospot; Atkins Kroll Toyota; Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities; Law Office of Brooks & Klitzkie; Guam Public Defender Service Corporation

Ridgell, Clynton E. (Democrat)

First time legislative candidate holds a Bachelor’s in communications, University of Guam; graduate, Guam Evangelical Christian Academy. He is best known as a former reporter, anchorman, news director, Pacific News Center. Also worked as Claims adjuster, Nanbo Insurance; loan collector/loan officer, Wells Fargo; videographer, ad sales and reporter, KUAM; director of policy planning and community relations, Judiciary of Guam.

Casil, Lasia A. (Democrat)

If elected, she will be the first LGTB member of the Guam Legislature. Graduate, Bitburg American High School, attended University of Maryland. Business owner, Infinite Charm; agent, Sinvin Real Estate, New Yor