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Bank of Guam employees donate to Yap cultural museum

Colonia, Yap-- The Yap Living History Museum in the heart of Colonia, the island’s center of commerce and government, has received a generous donation from a group of Bank of Guam employees.

“A group of Bank of Guam employees teamed up with the purpose of helping the communities they live and work in,” said Ms. Jamie P. Gilmar, B.O.G. operations manager in Yap.

“The group consists of FAMILIA from every branch and department in the Bank of Guam network. In 2015, they participated in a leadership training that brought them closer to each other professionally and personally, and they wanted to keep the momentum going by choosing a non-profit in every island, atoll and city where the Bank does business for a donation. All funds were raised internally among Bank of Guam employees.”

“We are very grateful to this community-minded group from the Bank of Guam for their support of this important cultural site,” said Don Evans, chairman of the board of the Yap Living History Museum. “It will go toward upkeep of these beautiful grounds and other maintenance expenses.”

The Museum, in association with the Yap Visitors Bureau, is currently working on the installation of lighting for evening events, and the development of a booklet that will serve as a visitor’s guide. “We are also nearing construction of a climate-controlled building that will begin later this year and provide additional space for displays of artifacts, historic photos and other materials that will showcase Yap’s rich history and culture in a ‘Folk-Victorian’-style building reminiscent of another era in Yap’s past,” added Evans.

Opened in December 2011, the purpose of YLHM is “to put traditional skills, values and ideals at the forefront and increase the public's knowledge of the significance of traditional culture as well as the history of Yap’s islands,” explained Evans. “The Museum with its four traditional, hand-built houses, has become a popular location for residents of all ages to hold special events, celebrations and festivals, many that include historical reenactments such as the Stone Money Carry, traditional dances, live arts, cooking, storytelling, canoe building and handicrafts. It’s an educational arena for old traditions to be kept alive and taught to the island’s youth, as well as a gathering spot for island events.”

Jamie P. Gilmar (right), Bank of Guam Operations Manager in Yap, Don Evans (center), Chairman of the Board, Yap Living History Museum, Tom Tamangmow (left), YVB project development manager, in front of the Museum’s traditional buildings. (Photo: Joyce McClure)


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