Moylan files a complaint against elections commission

Douglas Moylan, candidate for Guam attorney general

Candidate for attorney general wants 'corruption buster' to appear next to his name on the ballot

Douglas Moylan, candidate for attorney general, wanted the phrase “corruption buster” to appear next to his name on the ballot for the Nov. 6 general elections but the Guam Election Commission has turned down his request.

This prompted the former attorney general to file a complaint asking GEC to reconsider its denial of his request and alleging that the commission’s executive director, Maria Pangelinan, violated the Guam Election Law and the 2006 GEC publication "A candidates Handbook for Elected Public Office."

In his complaint filed Sept. 15, Moylan cited a Guam election law which provides that “Any person who is a candidate for any office may, at the time of filing his or her nominating petition, or, thereafter, as the Commission by uniform regulations may prescribe, file with the Commission a request that his or her name be further identified on the ballot by the addition of an identifying word or phrase not derogatory or obscene and not exceeding 20 letters, in which event it shall be the d