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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Adelup gives late taxpayers yet another break

Tax Amnesty payment deadline extended to Sept. 28; Taxpayers ask for additional

time to remit payments; Gov Guam skips a week of tax refund payments

If you're a taxpayer participating in the Tax Amnesty program, you have a new deadline to ante up to the tax collector. Sept. 28 is now the day to remit owed tax payments. The Department of Revenue and Taxation is extending the deadline to help taxpayers who are asking for more time. The deadline to remit the payment based on their tax amnesty agreement was Wednesday. All participants were required to pay 10 percent of the total amount due upfront and the remaining 90 percent by the deadline.

“Collections, even with the extension that was expected to expire today [Wednesday], wasn’t as good as we had hoped. People are still asking us for more time,” DRT Director John Camacho said. Late taxpayers said they continue to work on securing the amounts they agreed to pay through means like bank loans.

If you're among the many waiting for tax refunds, the slow collections appear to account for the recent halt in check disbursements.

“We continue working with the taxpayers so they can pay their debt to the government. In addition to that, the Governor has agreed to provide additional monies to Guam Memorial Hospital through the new law and we want to ensure we live up to that,” Camacho added.


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