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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Never say die: Two groups back Aguon-Limtiaco write-in

Number 2 Dem finishers continue to press for manual recount to overcome 254 vote deficit

There's already been a machine re-count of the Nov. 25 Guam gubernatorial primary ballots in which the Senator Frank Aguon-Alicia Limtiaco pairing still finished second to the Lou Leon Guerrero-Joshua Tenorio team, gaining only six votes. The machine recount did not satisfy the losing candidates, who want a hand recount that would include the 'spoiled' ballots that were not counted in the first place.

That position is backed up by two community action groups which have endorsed the Aguon-Limtiaco ticket and plan to run a write-in campaign on its behalf.

They are Ken Leon-Guerrero, founder of Guam Citizens for Public Accountability and Andre Baynum of Guamanians for Fair Government. Both groups maintain the ticket promotes the values of fairness and transparency that aligns for their goals.

Baynum said at a post-election news conference: “It’s time for the people to take control of the government; away from the political parties and into the hands of the people who work hard to pay taxes and fund the operations of this government.”

Both groups also complain that the present Guam Election Commission doesn't provide enough space to satisfy the demands of unhappy voters, describing the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio ticket as not representing "the interests of ordinary working men and women on Guam."


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