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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Unity: Gutierrez endorses Leon Guerrero/Tenorio ticket

It did not take long for the ticket of Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio and third place finishers former Gov. Carl T.C. Gutierrez and Fred Bordallo to demonstrate that the Democratic pledge of unity is a reality.

The day after a machine recount of last Saturday's balloting gained second place finishers Sen. Frank Aguon and Alicia Limitiaco only six votes, the challengers are still pressing for a hand recount of the ballots. Whether that will occur will be up to the Guam Elections Commission next week.

Meanwhile, Leon Guerrero was upbeat about the Gutierrez endorsement, issuing a congratulatory news release.

"We are humbled and extremely honored by the Gutierrez-Bordallo endorsement," Lou Leon Guerrero said. "Governor Gutierrez has always fought to put the needs of our people first. His legacy [of] helping to care for the most vulnerable in our community is an inspiration for all leaders and I look forward to incorporating his ideas and plans into a Leon-Guerrero-Tenorio administration."

Josh Tenorio said that Governor Gutierrez and First Lady Gerri have laid the foundation for true selfless service and that he intends to follow their lead. "I can think of no greater example of selflessness for our community than the life-long work of Uncle Carl and Auntie Gerri," Tenorio said. "Lou and I are so honored to have them and all the Gutierrez-Bordallo supporters by our side as we make real change for the people of Guam."

Leon Guerrero added, "The Gutierrez-Bordallo endorsement is a sign that our pledge of unity is strong as we move towards the General Election."


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