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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Utilities Commission will investigate 911 fund transfers

Are emergency response funds being illegally tapped locally?

Members of the Guam Public Utilities Commission have unanimously approved an investigation into the alleged unauthorized transfer of approximately $4 million from the Enhanced 911 Emergency Reporting System Fund (“E911 Fund”) to the General Fund between 2014 and 2017.

Guam Sen.Telena Cruz Nelson has pushed this issue and praised the PUC for its action:

“I am grateful with the PUC and their decision to move forward with an investigation. Both federal and local law identify why money is collected for the E911 Fund and how it must be spent – to upgrade and modernize our island’s emergency response. The current system is in dire need of an update which will greatly assist Guam’s hardworking, first responders to more effectively serve the community. My contention has always been that the E911 Fund must be used to improve the system we have now, a goal that is in jeopardy as a result of the unauthorized transfers. I look forward to the Commission’s findings and recommendations toward rectifying this situation.”

Nelson’s standing request was that the PUC investigate transfers of Funds from the Enhanced 911 Emergency Reporting System Fund, determine if any violations of the Act have taken place, and take appropriate corrective action as may be necessary, and it has been granted by the PUC's action.


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