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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Moylan appeals to Gumataotao camp for support

Leevin Camacho and Douglas Moylan, candidates for attorney general, will face off on Nov. 6 following the elimination of Frank Gary Gumatatao in the Aug. 25 primary.

Gumataotao endorsed Moylan, whom he described as “one of Guam's brightest lawyers with broad experience in civil and criminal law in both trial and appellate practice."

On his Facebook page, Gumataotao wrote, "He is seasoned, experienced and forward thinking as a proven attorney general. Don't be fooled by word salad or political double speak. Doug Moylan stayed on budget and returned funds every year while AG. He is independent with no Calvo ties.. I support his candidacy and urge everyone to choose Doug Moylan in November to ensure the corruption truly ends. Doug will revamp the offIce, improve child support services and increase convictions."

Acknowledging the challenge of getting ahead of Camacho who had a huge vote lead, Moylan is appealing to Gumatatotao's supporters for their votes.

“Based upon the election results, I will not win in the general election without the support of Gary Gumataotao’s voters. Gary is a close friend of mine and I am presently communicating with him. Gary and I not only have decades of experience by ourselves, but have much more in common,” Moylan said in a statement.

Camacho received 14,284 votes (48.35 percent) versus Moylan’s 7,915 (26.79 percent).

“I humbly ask those of you who voted for Gary to carefully look at my track record as an attorney compared against Leevin’s. Also, to listen to Gary himself, a person you trusted, about who he believes would best serve you & which candidate he recommends to you,” said Moylan, Guam’s first elected attorney general who served from 2002 to 2006.

Moylan said Camacho does not have enough experience to serve at attorney general. “He could not enforce the law in the face of gubernatorial resistance, including from his own cousin’s administration as I did; win before the United States Supreme Court and at the same time protect you in your homes, whilst increasing child support collections,” Moylan said.

He also asked Leevin’s supporters to compare their track records. “I believe that a careful comparison between candidate Leevin Camacho and myself will show that Leevin lacks sufficient experience and accomplishments to best perform as Guam’s Attorney General.”

He said Camacho’s Leevin’s close ties to the Calvo-Tenorio administration brings doubt as to “whether he will in fact investigate and prosecute that gubernatorial administration.”

Among the cases that warrant investigation, Moylan said, include office salary raises, the lt. governor’s. gun-grabbing incident, the Chamorro Land Trust discrimination, as well as investigate and prosecute the Gov’s. first cousins Eduardo “Champ” Calvo and John Calvo for the Y2K Port Lease and Mid-Pac’s apparent tax evasion in not paying us the taxes due, respectively.

Moylan also noted Camacho’s “activist history and stance on issues that fractionalize Guam’s community between Chamorros and other races… versus actual service as an AG protecting all U.S. citizens equally, regardless of your race, nationality or ethnicity, which I did during my four-year term as Guam’s first-elected AG. “

In his brief written statement after the primary, Camacho said, “ Driving around the island yesterday visiting voting sites was an incredible

reminder of why we’re seeking office. People want change. We thank each and every one of you for giving me a chance and trusting us to be a part of that change. Today is a day of gratitude and celebration. Tomorrow, we begin our journey to Nov. 6, 2018.”

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