Congressional candidates gear up for Nov. 6

With longtime Washington Delegate Madeleine out of the congressional race following her defeat in the Aug. 25 Democratic primary, the November race for congress has been narrowed down between Sen. Michael San Nicolas and Doris Flores Brooks.

Flores-Brooks released the following statement:

“The primary is behind us and it’s time to move on to the general election. But before doing so, I thank every person who encouraged me and voted for me to be the Republican nominee for Guam’s Delegate to Congress. I am particularly grateful to the friends and family who gave their own time and resources to aid me in my run for Congress.

“The visits to all the camps at all the precincts were particularly exhilarating. Those who are at the camps for every candidate are there not for personal reward but because they believe in a person and a cause. I felt welcomed wherever I went. The people of Guam are good hearted. Thank you for your many courtesies. In the general election I will articulate my beliefs and goals and set out for you why I believe I can best represent Guam in Washington.”

San Nicolas posted his statement on Facebook: