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Guam Democrats agree they want Adelup back, bad

Four competing gubernatorial teams agree on unity pledge, but would-be congressman Michael San Nicolas doesn't

With the countdown to next Saturday's Guam primary election underway, party members and the four fiercely competing Democratic gubernatorial teams seeking to return to power in November decided it was time to ensure that following next Saturday's vote, all the candidates, win or lose, will back the winner. This, it is hoped, will head off the recriminations and anger that build up after a hot campaign and lead to party success.

Apparently Sen. Michael J. San Nicolas missed the memo, not showing up for the meeting and angering the party faithful once again for his refusal to sign off on the family pledge. San Nicolas is running against incumbent Guam Delegate Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Ricardo Bordallo's widow.

Some have suggested that San Nicolas should be booted from the party for his 'go it alone' stance.

The unity meeting was held at the Latte Freedom at Adelup, which towers above the Governor Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex, namesake of the late Democratic governor.

Yet, Adelup has been the home of Republican governors for the past 16 years. Only four years ago, it was a challenge to the party to field a ticket from their splintered ranks, but that has clearly changed.

Republicans on the other hand, have unified behind Guam Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, who faces no competition in the primary. The general election may be quite a different matter.

San Nicolas' resistance may have some real impacts, since Madeleine Bordallo faces Republican opposition from former Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks. Bordallo, as is traditional in the party, signed the pledge.

The Democratic Party of Guam emerged from the tower with the following statement:

Hagåtña, Guam – "The Party of the People is United and the People United will not be defeated. Together we will retake Adelup after sixteen years, strengthen our legislative majority, and return a Democrat to Congress. Our races are tough but that's because we are deciding who can best help the People of Guam. After August 25th, we are Pledged to come together and win for Guam."

No pledge though from Senator San Nicolas for post-primary commitment.


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