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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Port Authority opens Regional Maritime Training Center

The Port Authority of Guam on Tuesday opened the Regional Maritime Training Center that will provide a venue for training courses related to the Maritime Law Enforcement and Port Operations Industry.

The Port kicks off the Regional Training Center with a course taught by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Tactical Operators Course.

The course is the only recognized entity that provides the credentials to operate alongside the US Coast Guard for high value/high interest ships, arriving or departing the Port of Guam.

“The Port is proud of its in-house professional instructors and this new classroom,” said General Manager Joanne Brown. “It’s only fitting that we have the capability to provide training opportunities in the maritime industry to our Island and regional partners. Our new classroom can accommodate students and instructors from on and off island, and to come and receive the much-needed training to enhance the provision of services and the needs in their community as well.”

The Port of Guam has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security, Guam Customs and Quarantine, Guam Fire Department, Department of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources, Guam Police as well as other Department of Defense and Federal Agencies such as the US Coast Guard, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Transportation Security Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security/FEMA and the US Naval Base-Guam.

“The Port is poised to provide instructional services to our island and regional stakeholders,” Brown said. “Having this ability and professional capability will ensure continued confidence for our island and how we do business here at the Port. Our collaboration also ensures the continuous and uninterrupted flow of commerce by maintaining a robust and ready security posture through training and exercises here at the Port. In the future, we look to establishing a single regional Maritime and Response Center for a strong marine response presence alongside its existing partners, at a single facility by the waterfront.”


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